Social Security Representative Payee Program

By Tracy Wells, Investment Advisor Representative

April 20, 2016

Another tax season has come and gone, and I learned something new this year! Several SSA-1099s were missing, and it was not easy to track down a replacement. Did you know that Social Security has a Representative Payment Program for those who are incapable of managing their finances due to health or cognitive concerns? Ideally, a representative payee is a family member or friend. And did you know that Social Security won’t honor a power of attorney agreement?

Let me save you some time and potential frustration. If you are caring for a family member or friend who is receiving Social Security benefits, and you are managing their finances, please contact SSA to be appointed as their representative payee.

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Dean Ashcroft at 2:30pm EDT - September 2, 2019
I have been a part of such payee programs before. I had joined before this and it was a great experience. I think this will be the same or at least I hope so.
DixieWbe at 2:10am EST - February 6, 2021

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