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Tax Filing Reminders

May 22, 2018

Now is the ideal time to schedule a tax-planning session. Your tax return outcome is still fresh, and it's early enough in the year to make corrective action to take advantage of the numerous new tax law changes taking place in 2018. Here's a brief overview of some of the new tax issues that you need to plan for now.

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Consider These Top TCJA Changes Right Now

May 10, 2018

December may feel like a long way off, but it’ll show up quicker than you think. Luckily, you still have time to figure out just how much the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) affects your situation.

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3 Big Questions People Ask After Tax Day

May 10, 2018

Tax Day has passed, but that doesn’t mean all of your tax issues have been resolved. Here are answers to three popular questions taxpayers ask post-tax season.

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April 2018 Market Insight

May 1, 2018

With April now behind us, the S&P 500 is just about even from the beginning of the year, but what a ride it has been! January gave us the “Melt Up” of over 7%, February brought a correction, and March was a whipsaw of trade concerns and inflation fears. It seems April was more of the same.

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