Registered Investment Advisor

Fiduciary Duty as a RIA: Much of the financial world consists of salespeople who are compensated by commission for selling products. We are advisors who hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard of care and we are paid by you to advise you.

Investment Philosophy

We believe in value investing. This strategy posits that all securities have a readily available market price as well as a long run fair value based on business performance. 

Investor Behavior

Many studies have been conducted regarding investor behavior. While common sense tells us to buy low and sell high, in practice few investors have the discipline and fortitude to execute that strategy profitably.

Investment Accounts

We work with nearly all types of investment and retirement accounts. Some are individual accounts and others are company sponsored retirement plans. We'll determine your needs and then use the tool that fits your situati...


Asset allocation is the process of determining how your portfolio is divided among different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, cash, and alternatives. We'll work with you to determine your risk tolerance and rec...

Tax Implications

Investments and taxes go hand in hand. Different types of accounts are taxed differently, thus having different impacts on personal finances. Because of the nature of our firm, we have a strong understanding of the relationsh...