Have you ever been surprised by a nasty tax bill at year end? Whether you need a tax return prepared for your business, your personal return or for a  trust or estate, we’ll help you with customized tax savings strategies to avoid that last minute scramble to pay Uncle Sam.

Does it frustrate you when your tax preparer asks you to once again extend your tax returns? Our practice is to file tax returns without extensions wherever possible. We want them filed on time, too. 

Want assurance that your professional advisors have the right background, training and experience?

Our CPAs and accounting staff have many, many years preparing tax returns. Our average employee has around 20 years of experience, but we employ people from several generations for a well-rounded team of professionals in several specialty areas. 

Oh, and we do know you don’t want to pay any more tax than you must, so we make it our priority to take advantage of all deductions and credits legally available to you.