Scott Saner

As an Accounting Associate, Scott prepares client payroll and payroll taxes, financial statements, corporate and personal tax returns, and reconciles bank accounts. Scott previously worked as an intern at the J. M. Smucker Company, and as a sales associate at Family Pools and Spas.

Scott joined the firm in May of 2018.

  • Certifications

    • Microsoft Excel User Specialist
  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting - Ashland University, 2018
  • Hobbies

    • Snowboarding
    • Running
    • Basketball
    • Watching the Cavs
    • Spending time with his fiancée
    • Playing with his Bernese Mountain dog
  • Personal Life

    Scott is getting married in June to his fiancée, Courtney Gilmore. He lives in Ashland, and is a leader in a Christian outreach program called Young Life.

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