Client Success Stories

Business Owners

Businessman Outgrows Current Accountant

They came to us because they felt they had "outgrown" their former accountant. Their growth to sales of $15 million introduced a complexity that their accountant's small accounting firm just couldn't handle.

Manufacturing Company Needs Help with Tax and Succession Planning

They wanted to work with a team of professionals with a broad range of skills in tax, accounting and succession planning.

Individuals Approaching Retirement

A Couple Nearing Retirement Is Unsure of When to Sign Up for Social Security

The wife, soon-to-be age 66 and still working full-time, was planning to start her Social Security benefits at her full retirement age of 66. Her husband, several years older, had already started taking his benefits at his full retirement age.

Married Couple Hopes to Time Their Retirement Correctly

After meeting with them and reviewing their particular situation, we soon realized delaying his retirement for the extra credits was nice, but we needed to step back and look at the bigger picture.

Success Story - Couple Looks for Retirement Projections and Planning

They needed retirement planning - especially to determine when they could/should retire.

Pre-Retirement Couple Desires Simplicity for Scattered Retirement Accounts

This couple was nearing retirement and had accounts with more than 10 different places/firms. They had no coordinated plan, their taxes were high, they were not sure who to trust and their former investment advisor had retired.

Young Professionals

Young Medical Professionals Worried about Saving and Investing

They were finally making extra money and wanted to be wise about how they were using it. They also wanted to retire early - at age 55 or 60 rather than 65. Since they had children they were concerned about planning for their college funding.

Young Couple Seeks Investing and Tax Advice

We began working with them as tax clients in early 2012. A few months after we prepared their income tax returns, they asked us to advise them on their investments.

Young Medical Professional Seeks Guidance with Debt Repayment

They felt overwhelmed by the complexity of their finances and the complicated tax laws. They had practice debt to pay, college debt to pay, needed to meet payroll, and wanted to save for retirement.

Ex-Military Couple Seeks Debt and Savings Balance

They wanted advice on cash flow allocation (debt management vs savings vs investing). They wanted to start investing.