Risk Management

The aim of risk management is to protect your assets, whether investments or personal assets.

We believe investor success is at least as much about risk management as it is about growth potential. For the typical investor, their main risk is the likelihood that an investment will fall short of their financial goals.

Addressing this risk requires a personalized approach, as it can be both risky and prudent to hold the same security at different points in time, depending on the strategy. What’s best for a young investor probably won’t be best for someone approaching retirement. For example, it would be risky for a young investor to buy only low return investments, such as CDs, over the course of their investment growth years, since holding only CDs could prevent them from realizing sufficient growth. On the contrary, it could prove risky for a retiree to hold a portfolio of emerging market ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), since their volatility would make it difficult to determine the certainty of returns.

When it comes to protecting personal assets, we can advise you on the most appropriate insurance plan. Life insurance, long-term care coverage, annuities or disability insurance are tools to ensure your desired lifestyle by protecting you from life’s unexpected events. We keep in mind that your needs are unique and should be reviewed with your entire financial picture in mind.