We work for our clients, not the IRS, so we remain committed to what’s in our client’s best interest, but we will not knowingly ignore tax rules. We follow tax laws to the very best of our ability. However, where gray areas exist, we inform our client of the options and risks and make a joint decision that we are both comfortable with.

We believe in planning for taxes throughout the year for both our business clients and individual clients, as appropriate. If they desire, we run tax projections for them each fall to make sure they know where they stand for the year, and to be sure we are doing all we can to best manage their overall tax bills.

We strive to prepare and deliver all business and personal tax returns in a timely manner. We do not like to deliver returns too close to the deadline, as we don’t want our clients to be surprised by a balance due on their tax return too near the due date. We want them to know the approximate balance due well in advance in order to plan accordingly. All surprises should be good.

We invest heavily in time and resources to stay current with tax law changes and strategies in order to save our clients’ money and improve their lives.