Our Story

 When the late Ed Whitcomb, CPA, approached Jim Hess about starting a new accounting firm in Ashland, he did it because he was nearing the end of a long successful career. He had built a sole practice of many clients who had grown to trust and rely on him. Ed was motivated by concern for his clients: "Who would take care of them and would they do it the right way”?

 When Ed & Jim founded our firm in 1983, they began with Ed’s Timeless Principles:

  • Clients Come First
  • Hire the Best
  • Look to the Future

When the firm launched, it bore both of their names, but it was based on Ed’s Principles, which later became the basis for our Core Values. For thirteen years we provided both individual and business accounting and tax services and advised many small businesses on the key management issues that helped them more effectively run their businesses.

 In 1996, in response to our client’s changing needs, we added Investment Advisory Services. This allowed us to better address the financial and tax interests of our clients, since our team of specialists (CPAs & Investment Advisors) collaborated to provide the best integrated financial and tax solutions.

 Since then, our integrated service model has proven especially helpful in advising small business owners, individuals approaching retirement, and young professionals. Many of our clients came to us with concerns specific to one of these three groups.

As you can see if you spend a few minutes on our website, we offer free helpful resources to these three groups. However, we also serve a wide variety of other customers.

No matter whom we serve, we do it with passion and strive to honor Ed’s wishes  by taking really good care of our clients “the right way.”

Whatever your financial questions or concerns, we hope you will consider giving us a call. We would love to help.