Why Whitcomb and Hess?

When was the last time you heard a CPA or Investment Advisor described as “passionate”? Is that how you would describe yours?

Okay, so lots of people say we’re not normal financial types here at Whitcomb & Hess. They say “You guys are so friendly and fun to hang out with!” often with a note of surprise in their voice. It’s true – we really love our jobs, and it shows.

 We ARE very passionate and feel very strongly about what we do. We love to help people with their financial needs. More importantly, we do this while striving to improve the quality of their lives as well. Through the years we’ve walked and run with our clients, shared meals with them, cheered for them and their families, celebrated with them, and yes, we’ve also cried with them. Some people say our service goes beyond what you would expect from a traditional CPA or investment firm.

Why? Because people matter. And whatever is important to our clients matters to us. Our team truly cares. To them, their work is more than just debits and credits, tax returns or investment portfolios – it’s all about the clients they have the pleasure to work with each day. At Whitcomb & Hess we understand that WHAT we do is very important – but even more important is WHO we do it for and with.

Nobody does it alone - it’s all about teamwork around here. Our problem-solving professionals collaborate for best outcomes and provide comprehensive, integrated financial and tax solutions to the challenges you face.

We’ll put your needs first and aim to simplify your life by handling all your financial, accounting and tax matters together. We promise to stay in touch and act in your best interest.

A lot of our clients have been with us a long time. They often call us during transitions they are facing or in the midst of a change in life and they want someone to offer advice, to walk through this season with them. They appreciate that we have helped many others through similar situations. Here’s what we hear:

“My business has grown” or “…it’s time to sell”. “My son (daughter) is taking over the business.” “My business has gotten way too complex for my current firm”.

“I got married!” or sadly, “I am going through a tough divorce” or “We finally sold our house” or “We bought a new home.“ Or “We just had a baby...now how do we to set money aside for college?”

“It’s time to get serious about planning for our retirement.” Or “mom (dad) just can’t be on their own anymore and need my help”.

“We need financial advice” or “Our tax bill is killing us!”

That’s why we are here. We look forward to and welcome these opportunities. They are why we exist.

If you are looking for a financial advisor that’s authentic and genuinely cares, and find yourself needing more and better advice than what you’ve been getting, please feel free to give us a call. We would love to listen to your story and walk with you towards the best solutions.  

How May We Help You?