Cloud Accounting with QuickBooks Online – What are the benefits for my business?

In our current world, most business owners are looking for flexible solutions to meet their accounting needs. They want mobile access to get the data that they need when they need it and automated processes to save them time. In response to this need, many Cloud Accounting products are currently available: Xero, Intacct, FreshBooks, and QuickBooks Online just to name a few. These solutions are even more attractive now that people have grown comfortable using the cloud to store their data. Intuit was one of the early companies to excel at offering such a service with QuickBooks Online. As this service has grown and developed, we have seen more of our clients considering it as their online accounting solution. As a business owner, you may be asking whether you could be using it as well.

Here are some of the benefits of using QuickBooks Online:
• Import banking transactions automatically to save precious data entry time
• Customize your invoicing for convenient customer experiences like electronic payment options
• Pay your bills electronically to speed up your accounts payable process
• Take pictures of your receipts for a central place to store expense documentation
• View/print financial reports to track how your business is doing and help you make decisions
• Use the mobile app and web app for access to your books anytime and anywhere
• Automated backup and security of your data provided by Intuit

If you have any questions about whether you could be using a cloud accounting service to be more mobile and to save you time, you can contact me at 419-289-7007 or email me at

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