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Simply put, investing is a marathon, not a sprint. The market will rise and fall and rise again, but generally, the longer you can stay invested, the better off you will be. We recommend a diversified portfolio for almost everyone, with the percentage of each type of investment based on your goals and retirement timeline.

What makes investing with us different? We are a Registered Investment Advisor. We’re not sales people; we have nothing to gain by pressuring you into any investment you don’t want. We work for you. And we treat your investments like we treat our own. We’re a fee-only firm, and no commission structure enables our advisors to truly work together to your best advantage.

Investing and taxes go hand-in-hand– any investment decision will have some impact on your taxes. That’s why we’ve built a team with experts in both topics, so we can advise you on any financial issue. When you’re ready to invest in your future, let’s talk.

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