Health Savings Accounts: Now or Later

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are a great savings tool for those with High-Deductible Health Insurance Plans (HDHP)*. HSAs allow people to build up tax-free savings for most out-of-pocket medical expenses, whether those expenses happen now or later.

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March 2017 Market Insight

It was an interesting month in financial markets as U.S. stocks and bonds were largely flat, while international stocks (MSCI EAFE) surged 2.75%. This surge of international stocks has been very short-lived so far, but the surge is worth noting

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More credits require questions

Common errors have helped to make the Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) a major source of what the IRS calls “improper payments”. The agency estimates that of the $66 billion in EIC funds paid in 2015, nearly a quarter were collected by filers who didn’t qualify to receive them.

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