Highlights of the CARES Act

CARES Act for Individuals – On Friday, congress passed, and the President signed into law, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. In addition to providing support to small businesses, the bill provides measures to help individual

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A Breath of Fresh Air in the Stock Market

We hope you are staying safe and well! Recently, life has been awkward and uncomfortable for all of us. The past few weeks have not been fun. However, we do believe the drastic measures that have been implemented by state governments are ultimately

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All COVID-19 Changes So Far

Right now, your highest priority is the health of those you love and yourself. But if you have time to read about some non-medical but important matters related to the health crisis, here is a summary of IRS action already taken and federal tax

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Ease the Pain of Repaying Student Loans

Student loan debt is a hot topic and for good reason. Managing the burden that comes during repayment is very difficult. Fortunately, there are ways to get some relief while taking advantage of timely tax breaks at the same time.

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W&H Weekly Market Update

The recent coronavirus pandemic, and resulting panic, has affected every aspect of our lives – our portfolios, social interactions, expressions on social media, schools, recreation, and stress levels. We are still learning much about the virus

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