Market Recap – April ’22

April was another volatile month in financial markets. All asset classes declined, with bonds down the least. International stocks outperformed other stocks, but not by much. So far this year, both bonds and stocks have decreased, and including April’s declines, stocks have gone down more than bonds.

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Market Recap – March ’22

March was a volatile month with mixed results for financial markets. US large cap stocks outperformed, while small cap and international stocks also increased. Bonds, however, continued to decline. So far this year, all markets have declined, with bonds and stocks down similar amounts.

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Market Recap – February ’22

February was another weak month for financial markets. US small cap stocks were the only category to make gains. US large cap stocks declined the most, while bonds and international stocks also lost value. So far this year, all four categories are down, but international stocks and bonds have outperformed.

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Market Recap – January ’22

Financial markets have struggled out of the gate this year. US small cap stocks fared the worst; US large cap and international stocks also lost ground. Bonds have also declined, but are the best performer, relatively speaking.

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Breaking Down Socially Responsible Investing

Many investors want more out of their investments than just a good return. They want to know that the companies they invest in are ethical and responsible — that they build environmentally sustainable business models, advance a social good and operate in a transparent, ethical way. To identify these companies, socially responsible investors can use a set of criteria known as ESG.

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Monthly Market Recap – December 2021

Here is a recap of market performance for the month of December and 2021 overall: After a down month in November, investment returns rebounded in December. International stocks performed best, while US large cap and small cap stocks also had strong months. Bonds slightly declined. In 2021, investors were rewarded for owning stocks. All three stock categories increased by double digits. Bonds had a rather uneventful year and detracted from returns. But overall, for most investors with a diversified portfolio, 2021 was a positive year.

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