Monthly Market Recap – November 2021

Investment returns were negative in November. US large stocks decreased the least, while small cap and international stocks declined more than 4%. Bonds provided some diversification, and slightly increased. For the year in aggregate, most investors should be pleased: all stock categories are up significantly. Bonds have struggled as interest rates have inched higher.

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Monthly Market Recap – October 2021

October was a fantastic month for stock returns, with the S&P 500 leading the way. US small cap and international stocks followed the lead and also had attractive returns. Bonds were the notable laggard and moved little. Overall, it’s been a very beneficial year for investors. During this time, US stocks have outperformed international stocks, while bonds are down.

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Quarterly Statements Walkthrough

Ryan Gilmer walks through our new statement layout with information created for a sample client. (Sample client is not real, all information was sample information created for this purpose.)

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Common Tax Mistakes When Selling a Home

With home sales booming throughout much of the country, you may decide that now’s the right time to put your abode on the market. If you do put your primary residence up for sale, try to steer clear of the following mistakes.

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Estate Planning for Business Owners

We are continuing our series on estate planning, this time focusing on business owners. While there are common elements that anyone would need to have, there are unique documents and planning that need to be considered for different situations.

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3 Reasons to Give Away Appreciated Stock

As the stock market continues to recover, perhaps you’ve seen significant gains in your portfolio, or maybe you invested in a stock that skyrocketed and now your portfolio is out of balance. If you have a heart for non-profits, we have some goo

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